Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cherry and Apple Pie

My daughter for Christmas got me everything to make this pie even the pie pan.   The pie came out of the Lion House Pie Cook Book a very good cook book and the pie pan also came from there.   The pie is so easy you can make or buy the pie crust.  Then it takes one can of apple pie filling and one cherry pie filling.  put a little Cinnamon and nutmeg in the pie filling.  Bake about 40 min. at 400  when it cools a bit serve with ice cream or whip cream.  Yum


  1. Hi Lois!!
    YUMMY! looks like crispy, I love it!! mmmm please make many sweets for me when i visit your place ;)
    I would love your pretty sweets!

    with love

  2. Nice Pie and so delicious, thanks for sharing


  3. Your pie turned out perfect!! It looks so delicious with the cherries and apples. Your picture turned out really good too:)